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And now a word from our sponsor ...

I've officially jumped on the WOWIO bandwagon. Here's to it not falling off the cliff at least for a while.

First up is SEBO. Basically it's the first year plus about six months of the SKK strips. I did SEBO first to see if I could do it. I did it. Here it's just the strips, nothing extra, but I hope you download it anyway. I get money if you do. ;) At least that's what they tell me. SEBO comes in two volumes. Volume One and Volume Two

Secondly is Clan of the Cats itself. If this image looks familiar it's because this eBook is basically the COTC CD. At least part of it. As it stands now I plan to release Clan of the Cats: Year One in three volumes. So, if you were not able to buy the CD then download these volumes and you'll have about 75% of it. Presently only volume one is available and it includes part one of the first COTC story line, Coming Home with artist commentary, part one of a "History of COTC", an art gallery, COTC comics from20 years ago and more.

Clan of the Cats: Year One -Volume One
Sebo Volume One
Sebo Volume Two