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Happy Krimble, January Meeting and Money

Howdy Gang!

Happy Holidays to all. A couple of things. First, when and where do we want the January meeting? It is scheduled for Raleigh and Morning Times seems to be a favorite. Our February meeting will be in on the 9th in Greensboro at WTH Con. Just so you know.

Next thing is WOWIO. Some of you may know about this already, but it is a site to download free PDFs. They have a very large comic and webcomic collection.  I can safely say that I have made more money via WOWIO than anything else I’ve ever been involved with on the Internet. An artist can expect to make $.50 for each download of an eBook that is less than 100 pages. For eBooks over 100 pages, it goes up to $1.00 per download. That’s the good. Here’s the bad. WOWIO only allows US citizens to download the PDFs, although anyone can submit work. It has something to do with copyright law, go figure. Setting up a general account is also kind of strange as they ask questions that some may find obtrusive. They may ask you your religion, but I can’t remember. Their payment cycle is also a bit different. Payment is 45 days after each quarter. Finally, there is no place on the WOWIO website to submit your work. You must email a query to the guy in charge of comics. I’ll be sending this message via the mailing list, so I will include his email in that email.

URL for WOWIO Comics:

Lastly, there is something else that is going on in the land of internet advertising called ADSdaq. Again, some of you may already be familiar with this service. This is just for those who are not. I’ll talk more about that at the next meeting, but here is the URL:

And that’s it.

Merry Whatever.