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Webcomic Beacon - Net Neutrality Open Forum on March 18

The Webcomic Beacon will begin recording for their 16th episode on March 18th at 9pm Central (-6 GMT). The subject will be on Net Neutrality and what it means for webcomics and podcasts. People are welcome to tune it with their comments on Skype during the recording time. People interested may search for and contact "Fesworks" on Skype. Otherwise they may send an email to for alternate methods of participating.

The Webcomic Beacon is hosted on and is an Affiliate of The Geek Media. Further information on this recording will be available at / closer to the event.


fesworks's picture

I'm going to attempt an audio-only uStream recording of The Webcomic Beaocn tonite. It's an open-forum show, and we'll be starting off on talking about Net Neutrality and what it means for webcomics and such.

We'll be recording at about 9pm Central (-6GMT) tonight.

Listen (if it works) on the main page at

or try to join at

Hopefully this works and will be something we'll do for future shows as well!