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Dave, this webcomic can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

A moment of silence for the passing of a great writer and visionary: Arthur C. Clarke.  I can still remember picking up books from him and Ray Bradbury at a very young age (7?) and while not completely understanding everything I read, being overwhelmed by the sense of imagination, and of possibility.  I think my favorite Clarke novel was/is Rendezvous With Rama in part because it was a great fit for me when I read it (middle school I recall) but also for the sweep of it.


Journalista! catches an interview with Gods and Undergrads creator Monica Gallagher.

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Gary Tyrrell covered the webcomics panel at the recent SPLAT confab (FLEEN had a more general post on SPLAT here) in New York City with an extensive write-up on the more interesting comments from the panelists: Dean Haspiel, Raina Telgemeier, Rich Stevens, Ted Rall, and Collen Venable.


I was shocked yesterday to

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I was shocked yesterday to hear on the radio that Arthur C. Clarke passed away.  It was doubly troubling for me because I returned to work from vacation on Monday to find an e-mail stating that Dave Stevens had passed away last week.

Obviously "The Rocketeer" is Dave Stevens's most memorable work, but I also remember him as the man who revived interest in Betty Page (Playboy's January 1951 Playmate along with some other stuff).  From Arthur C. Clarke I have to recommend "Childhoods End" as my favorite work from him.  If you can find it, there is a collection of the short stories and treatments that Arthur C. Clarke wrote for "2001: A Space Odyssey" including the original short story "Sentinel".  I don't remember the title of the anthology right now.

Though it has been a while since I have seen any new work from either of them, they will both be missed.


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