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The Webcomic Beacon #16 - Net Neutrality?

Brett Hainley joins us in our discussion on Net Neutrality. We had a healthy discussion about what Net Neutrality is and is not. As well as discussion what we really should be concerned about as far as internet accessability.  We ran out of time for a Webcomic Reviews and Impressions, but we have only one Milestone this week: Mr. Oblivious has hit over 100 comics!

Episode 16 - Net Neutrality?

We are currently looking for a new webcomic reviewer for The Beacon. Stay tuned for more information or send us an e-mail asking for details!

For next week, we’ll be having part 3 of the Webcomic Brainstorm Sessions! Get on SKYPE and look for “fesworks” and share your thoughts! Or submit an audio file or plain text e-mail message to us with a question or comment about this week’s topic, or next week’s topic!

Sites mentioned this week:, Something Positive,,, and Also Digital Strips is updating again and thanks to K-Dawg of Angry D. Monkey for showing up in our chat room for the show!

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