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The Old Crow - with grey washes!

I finally got a chance to do the grey washes for The Old Crow. This short story, if you haven't seen it before, is closest thematically to the road to god knows... It really paves the way for what the graphic novel is all about (well, at least I hope it does). I also think it's interesting to see Marie as a little kid and how she changes when she's a teenager in road.

Now, a request. I'm not sure how many of you "stumble," but if you do and are so inclined, I would certainly love it if you could wander over here and give "road" a positive review. The same thing goes for You can favourite road pretty easily right here. Seriously: every little bit helps.

The Old CrowPage 1

The Old CrowPage 2

The Old CrowPage 3

The Old CrowPage 4

The Old CrowPage 5

The Old CrowPage 6

The Old CrowPage 7

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The Old CrowPage 10

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I hope the holidays have been good to everyone!