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More GirlAMatic goodness!

As things start to ramp up for the release of the road to god knows... over on, I just wanted to mention that the story now has its own specific url. So, if you're a keener, why not book mark it right now? It's just over here.

There have also been some mentions on the inter-web about all of this. I think the nicest came from Heidi MacDonald over at The Beat.

I also created a Facebook site for the book's launch. This isn't a physical event, mind you (despite Facebook's odd tendency to label it that way) but rather just a group for the book's "go live" date. I've had a lot of mixed feelings about Facebook over all, but it seems to be tailor-made for these kinds of listings. And a proper group listing will probably appear at some point, too.

Lastly, I wanted to say thanks for all of the support I've received from so many of you. That means a great deal to me and it is much appreciated.

Now, time to wander off and find more coffee!


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