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The big announcement!

I'm very (and I mean very!) pleased to announce that my bookie, the road to god knows..., will be serialized on GirlAMatic beginning on December 3rd. The story will update four days a week (Mondays through Thursdays) and, since the story is complete, there should be no missed deadlines. Barring, of course, personal catastrophe. :)

Very big thanks are owed to [info]ldragoon for all of her help and, of course, [info]arcana_j for approving me in the first place. GAM is a fantastic community and I'm quite happy (and a little stunned) to be rubbing shoulders with some pretty awesome creators.

the road to god knows... poster

I should also add that I'm not alone. Laura Wilson, Marisa Delaville and Jean Ciolek are also new members of GirlAMatic and I believe are all launching on December 3rd, as well. So there will be a lot of webcomic goodness to read and savour.

I'm also going to be creating a Word Press blog and serializing the story there, too. Everything will be synchronized so one site doesn't get an update before the other. I've been wanting to play around with Word Press for awhile and this is an excellent opportunity to do just that. Many thanks to [info]kevdead for help on this front.

For those who don't know, the road to god knows... is the story of Marie, a teenage girl coming to grips with her Mom’s schizophrenia. Marie’s youth makes it that much harder for her to cope - as a teenager, she just doesn’t have the life experience to feel confident about her decisions. At the start of the story, we see a scared young girl, uncertain and overwhelmed, but as her Mom collapses into a full nervous breakdown, Marie is forced to examine herself and her life and come to a decision: does she continue to be a child, reacting to what’s happening around her? Or does she take control of her life, come what may?

If you 'd like a taste of the story, there are three short stories on my website that should give you a good sense of what the story is about. They can be found right over here. Each stands on its own but, when taken together, form a good backgrounder to the main story. In addition, [info]ldragoon did a very lovely review of the entire story back in early September (she's one of the few to have read the entire thing!). So if you'd like to get a sense of what you're in for, please take a look over at Sequential Tart.

Now, I do need help spreading the word around. I'm going to be doing my best this week trying to drum up some interest from the various news sites and the like, but I would certainly love a mention on your blog or website as we get closer to the December 3rd launch date. To be frank, I need as many eyeballs as possible and anything anyone can do to help would be much, much appreciated.

I'll be blathering more on this front in the coming days. It's been a long time coming and I'm thrilled (and a little nervous) that people will finally be able to read this story I've been working so long on. :)


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