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Webcomics - thoughts!

I've long chewed over serializing the road to god knows... as a webcomic ever since I initially conceived the idea back in late 2004 (god, it's been so long...). Webcomics have certainly come a long way, too, but I'm primarily interested in those that have a "comic book feel" to them. Not so much the strip formated ones like Goats et al. Anyway, I keep going back and forth about it and I'd love to hear thoughts on this front.

So, here's what I'm curious about. Are there webcomics you read regularly (say through Act-I-Vate or Wahoo Morris or some such) and/or are there sites you regularly visit ( or, for example) to get your fix. If not, why not?

And perhaps more critically, would you read road if it was serialized, say, with 3 pages a week? I don't want to do this as a poll, but I'd love some feedback on this front.

In the meantime, I present a wee little pin-up I did back in January. Li'l Kids and a car

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