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Happy 5th Birthday, GirlAMatic! :)

GirlAMatic is celebrating it's 5th birthday this week and most of the creators/artists involved have come up with art to celebrate the event. This is mine:

GirlAMatic 5th Anniversary Birthday Card Design in Colour!

As [info]arcana_j wrote, "For the rest of this week, March 31st through April 6th, GAMmers will be posting their birthday cards to the site. At the end of our anniversary week, readers everywhere will have the chance to vote for their favorites in the following categories:


The GAMmers who win will actually get prizes! WOO! STUFF! (Hey, we’re five now. Those Pitty Pincess Sparkling Death Ray Kits® don’t grow on trees you know!)"

Celebrations are always nice and I think it's quite cool that GaM has passed the 5 year mark. The interweb is so fluid and dynamic that longevity is probably the best measuring stick of whether something is working (that and sheer bloody determination).

The assignment was to come up with a birthday card design that contained the following criteria:

1) A birthday cake

2) The GirlAMatic name

3) Some indication that the site was 5 years old

After rejecting various ideas, I finally decided to personify GaM as a 5 year old girl. Why? Well, I wanted the illustration to be dynamic and energetic and I think that comes across. Not to mention I wanted it to be fun. I also decided to play with some Zipatone effects to give the drawing a slightly "old timey" feel. 'Cuz it's fun, y'know?! The colour version was done in watercolour (using Doc Martens Hydrus watercolour inks).

So make sure you take a look through this week's webcomics on GaM. There's going to be nice celebratory artwork to see!

GirlAMatic 5th Anniversary Birthday Card Design

GirlAMatic 5th Anniversary Birthday Card Design in Colour!


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