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WCCA 2008

The WCCA ceremony is online. You can view the top 4 here, and the rest of the categories here.

Once again, I was the art director for the big show. I got a lot of feedback in past years that the ceremony was way too long and rambling, and did a disservice to the winners, because people got bored and stopped reading after a while. I'm sure my addition of pages-long intos, halftime shows, and closing ceremonies didn't help one bit. So I tried to make it short, simple, and easy to read in one sitting. I'm more than happy to listen to any further critiques, comments, or criticisms.

I was out of town when the deadline for presentations hit, so Frank had to put the final touches on the ceremony himself. I made a few backup comics just in case any presentations didn't make it in time. You can see samples above and below.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out!