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The Ryan Estrada Dictionary: Korean Edition

When discussing words that I invented, one cannot forget my additions to the Korean language. Because these words actually caught on. I was reminded of this today, when a friend forwarded me a newspaper article which included an entire paragraph about the use of the word Michingu. What is a Michingu?In Korea, there is no polite word for 'crazy'. This is why any child in Korea thinks that the English word 'crazy' is the funniest thing in the world. But within their own language, there is only 'michin', which is considered very rude. There's no joking way to say the equivalent of "You so crazy!" to your friends and not horribly offend them. I set out to change that. One of the nicest things you can call someone is "chingu", meaning friend. Michin plus chingu equals Michingu. Crazy friend.

Also in my Korean lexicon is the term "ManhwaJangShil". Manhwa is the korean equivalent of Manga. It means comic book. In Korea, comic books have a much larger presence than in many other countries. Every video store has one half where you can rent videos, and another half where you can rent comics. There are even entire libraries where you can pay a set fee per hour, to sit in comfy chairs and read comics. These are called "ManhwaBangs" Or, "comic rooms" Another type of room is a "HwaJangShil." The bathroom. Bathrooms usually have reading material, just like Manhwa rooms. If your bathroom has comics, it is a ManhwaJangShil

I'll be heading back to Korea later this year, and one of my upcoming projects is two different Korean-language comic series, "Manhwajangshil" and "Michingu".