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Man, remember that scene where Captain Marvel turned a gatling gun on a bunch of arabs? That was som

Went to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame last night, which is sort of a weird let down; more than anything else on display is books, encased in lucite and visible only from a distance. It's as though the museum was dedicated to proving that books once existed or something.

For the most part, it's a collection of memorabilia (trimmed at the edges with the occasional video feature about how prescient or socially relevant is sci-fi ...), and it was plenty cute to see things like Captain Kirk's chair or the Rocketeer's jacket and what-have-you.

I admit, though, that I actually had a gasp-out-loud moment when I turned a corner and saw Tom Tyler''s tunic from the RKO Radio Picture Captain Marvel Serial of the 1940s. This was not a thing which I expected. It was a nice surprise.

Fun fact: Technically, you're not allowed to photograph the exhibits. This is what is known, is science fiction terms, as "bogus."