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calamityjon @ 2008-03-05T08:07:00

Hey all, as you know I've just recently made a big move cross-country and practically all the way through the alphabet from Arizona to Washington. To help offset some of the costs of the trip, I'm selling some small pieces of original art on eBay right now. I expect them to sell for a pittanceMILLIONS OF SMACKEROOS!

I've got another twelve of these waiting in the wings, and plan on doing a couple of new ones each week. If you have any suggestions for future subjects, let me know, I've only got plans for the next thirty or so. Also, if there's a character you'd like specifically, let me know and we can work out a direct sale (color or black-and-white)

Everything I'm selling on eBay (including my old Captain Britain comics) is here. I'm also featuring them on on my sparsely-populated but recently redesigned website, CalamityJonSave.Us. Enjoy that, too ...