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calamityjon @ 2008-02-27T09:02:00

Attracting my attention this morning during a break from an all-night marathon drawing session (freelancing1, I'm sorry to say, rather than an unprecedented state of high productivity on my own projects) was this article wherein it's speculated that a trio of ink-wash illustrations of Disney characters recently discovered in Germany may've been the handiwork of one Adolf Hitler. Yes, they think they've discovered Hitler's Disney Channel fan-art. I'll alert you if they come across Der Fuehrer's Harry Potter/Snape slash fanfic or all the drawings he did of the top Nazis in the style of the Simpsons2.

You know, WWII speculative-history fiction is a pretty robust oeuvre, but I don't think there's been enough "What if Hitler had gone to work for Walt Disney" themed stories. Hitler rededicates himself to his artwork, becomes one of the Eight Old Men3 at Disney, the power and forcefulness of his charisma begins to elevate him up the paths at Disneyland. Roy meets an unexpected end in the middle of the night. Walt, sharing a distrust for "certain types of people" with "Dolfie" takes him into his confidence, the two grow close and develop plans to annex parts of Orange County for something they choose to call "Walt Disney's Fatherland." Adolf takes over the Walt Disney Corporation after Walt's death, goes on to appoint Don Bluth to head up the animation department after which fifty percent of the animated features produced by the company are incomprehensible messes where you can still see the pencil lines, which just goes to show that he's still capable of committing terrible atrocities. Really, it just writes itself.

Man, I am not even kidding, I BET THAT WOULD BE A VERY GOOD BOOK.

Anyway, on a related topic:

1 As I think of it, these kind of look like sketchcard illustrations, which means that Hitler and I were working on the same project. Counting all the times I've attempted to annex the Sudetenland, that makes me and Hitler two-for-two.
3 See what I did there?