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The Webcomic Beacon #18 - Guest Strips & Fan Art

Fes, Tanya, and Aaron are in the studio, talking about Guest Strips, Fan Art, and the etiquette that should be practiced around them. We are down all of the rest of our regular contributers this week, we hope to correct that soon! Some changes are slated for the near future, out of necessity.

Webcomic Milestones: American Gothic Daily has hit over 200 strips, Girly will be hitting 5 years online, and Girl-a-Matic has hit 5 years online! Congrats!

For next week, we will be talking about Webcomic Reviewing! You can now listen to the show LIVE on Talk Shoe! Have a question or comment about this week’s topic, or next week’s topic? Get involved with the show by: Getting SKYPE and contact “fesworks”; submit an audio file or plain text e-mail message to us; get on Talk Shoe (on Tuesday, April 8th, 9pm Central -6 GMT), and call in with your own phone!

Episode 18 - Guest Strips & Fan Art

Sites mentioned this week (in mentioned order): Magical Misfits, Somery C, Ardra, Charles & Henry, Masters of the Art, Jenny Everywhere and the Crossing Over Worlds, Dinosaur Comics, Wayward Robot, Dum Bum, Times Like This, Camp Calomine, DMFA, The Webcomic List, Chip Shop Adventures, Phantasus, Plush and Blood, Guest Strip Project, WebcomicZ, Infinity Apartment, and Jenny Everywhere Chronicles.