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Panelists wanted for Anthrocon 2008 Webcomics Panel!

Note, that this is different than the request for Otakon panelists previously posted.

Are you a webcomic artist or author, currently publishing online?
Are you going to Anthrocon this year?
Want to share your experiences to other like-minded people?
Want to doodle while you're bored and have your artwork shown to those people? :)

This is your chance!

I've heard back from AC Programming that they would like the return of the Webcomics 101 panel!  If you're interested in joining, talking to beginning artists, and getting your hands on digitally doodling, drop me a line at webcomics2008ac at  Make sure you're registered first, because I'll need your real name and registered name.

Anthrocon wil be at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA, from June 26-29.