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2008 Eisner Nominations Released

The 2008 Eisner Award nominations are out and here are your nominees for Best Digital Comic:


2008 Eisner Nominations: Whadyatink?

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

I've been letting my reactions gel -- overall, I agree that this is a strong group of nominations.

I'm still hoping that the Eisners expand the number of "digital" categories soon - I'd love to see a split with an award for both short and long-form comics on the web.

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Re: 2008 Eisner Nominations Released

El Santo's picture

I think that the nominations this year are much better than last year's.  (The year that Sam & Max online comic won.)  I haven't read them all.  The Abominable Charles Christopher and Panda Express are both very worthy nominations, though.