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Penny Arcade's Gabe to become a dad

In his latest news post on Gabe announced that he is about to become a dad in the near future.

In about six months Kara and I are going to have a brand new little gamer running around the house..

Re: Penny Arcade's Gabe to become a dad

Uncle Ghastly's picture

Congratulations Gabe.

Say goodbye to Penny Arcade. Hehehe.

I used to program games for the Atari 2600 before my kids were born "Oh sure, I'll still have plenty of time to do that once the baby is here" I would say to myself.

All these years later and I've still got a hard drive full of unfinished Atari 2600 games.

Other things to know about becoming a parent.

You will look back at those days when you were single and your home was at its messiest and you'll think "Gosh I wish my place was that clean again."

Sleep? What's that?

Spending cash? What's that?

Free time? What's that?

Yep, lots of changes once you get a wee one or two. Of course it's all worth it.