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calamityjon @ 2008-04-17T08:24:00

Hey all, I've listed another round of Tiny Heroes over on eBay, still focusing on the Women of Marvel (not to be confused with The Women of Marvel, which I kind of didn't know was a real card set they were doing. Whoops). I've also done another highly cartoony semi-nude, all of these being behind the cut, and I'm only telling you about the semi-nude on accounta there's some naked butt involved.

On an unrelated note, I spend every Wednesday in the city at a really nice, quirky place called "Cafe Racer," hanging out with a group of other cartoonists. The Cafe attracts a very strange clientèle, not counting the one drunk guy who inevitably wanders up to the top level where we all hang out and says "What's going on here, you guys drawing comics?" Last week, for instance, our group was joined by a trio of overweight, heavily painted goth chicks who were apparently discussing the specifics of their upcoming ghost-hunting program on local television, by way of which haunted house they wanted to start with and which of their psychic friends they wanted to use as their resident medium. According to my wife, they spent some time trying to "read me" while I was arguing the finer points of Superman III with another cartoonist. LADIES, I GOT A BLOG, no brain magic required!

Anyway, according to a drink-stained document uncovered by one of our fellows last night, a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan club also meets there during the week. And more than merely a fan club, they are a discussion group. They go so far as to bring along a list of topics to discuss, based on the myriad questions aroused by any given episode of Buffy The Vampire, dense symbolist tome that its body of work represents. Here's a for instance of some of their discussion topics:

Episode 5x18 - Intervention
1. Buffy's Vision question. Her love being so strong that it she backs away from it. "Love, Give, Forgive." How is this and what Buffy talks about to Giles in the beginning of the episode related? How does all this fit with the themes of the season? How does this fit with Buffy's dream in "Restless?"
2. What characteristics of the Buffy Bot reflect what Spike wants out of a woman? Are these straits that stem from the real Buffy?

Episode 7x21 - End of Days
2. Is the Scythe representative of one of S7's major flaws: taking the easy way out of tough situations with convenient appearances of various information, weapons and trinkets?
3. Does Buffy want to send Xander away with Dawn showing that that she trusts and loves him so much that she can let him be Dawn's guardian? Or is she just pushing him aside because she thinks he isn't useful?
4. Buffy tells Faith that war is about "death. Needless, stupid, death." Then why is she going to war herself? It must have some positive purpose in certain situations.
5. Buffy and Spike. Do they really 'have' something that could be a lot more? Is the lack of a conclusive answer in their conversation a sign of that probably not being true, even truer, or just the writers avoiding tough questions? Buffy does say she was there, with Spike in their "closeness," too.
6. What is the significance of Spike telling Buffy that their night together in "Touched" was the best night of his life, replacing the one he told her about in "Fool for Love?"

Speaking as someone who has seen only two Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes in their entirety, I think I'm eminently qualified to suggest that anyone who indulges in really, deeply, truly exploring these questions in a community setting, so as to test their perceptions and interpretations, is insane. When I read this the first time, I looked up from the paper and asked of the fellow who discovered it, "Why would someone DO this to themselves?" I was asking that questions as an overweight alcoholic who nonetheless cannot understand why would someone deliberately harm themselves in this manner.

Lastly, I'll probably never do a part three of my Advertising Guide to American Fast Food Restaurants, except to add this one quick footnote:

Dairy Queen: All you need to know about Dairy Queen are these two inter-related facts: (a) They created an iced mocha drink, the MooLatte, which is a play on the word "mulatto" and yet, surprisingly, (b) the vast majority of actual Dairy Queen establishments in the United States have remained un-arsoned.

And that's it, g'night folks!