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Free Comic Book Day Set for Summer

Webcomics continue to make inroads into Free Comic Book Day. Newsarama has the press release for this year's event (timed to coincide with this summer's Spiderman movie). Putting out books this year include Dork Storm Press and Keenspot, which has three books, including a Keenspot sampler, a Keenspace sampler and a Sore Thumbs book (the new Keenspot series from Crosby and Gieni).

Re: Free Comic Book Day Set for Summer

I've talked to a few comic book store owners that were planning on really hyping the Free Comic Book Day, and they're upset that it was set for July 3 because of the Spider-Man movie. Apparently July 4 weekend is a real dud with them because people are either out of town or at parties or whatnot. I mean, I'LL be there, scooping up all the freebies (YAY!), but it just seems a shame...