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The Webcomic Beacon 21 - Brainstorming Villains

Episode 21 - Webcomic Brainstorm: VillainsThe Usual Suspects are once again joined by Eric, Thom, and Gothia. It’s another webcomic brainstorm session! This week we punch out some details on our story villains! It’s a good discussion again this week! Mark Savary reviews True Loves 2; and Peter Tarkulich gives his impression of Anything Goes. We also clean up our promo segment of Strip Fight!

Milestones: DMFA will hit 900 strips soon, and best wishes go out to Amber and her family. Also, The KAMics recently hit 800 strips; Here There Be Dragons hits 200; Neo Earth hits 1 Year; and Stud Kickass hits 100.


Sites mentioned this week: Comic Genesis Cookout (Hurry! Registration ends in less than 2 weeks!), Dead Days, Odd Fish, Zebra Girl, T-N-T Comic, World’s Worst Webcomic, and Sorcery 101.

For next week, Broadcasting LIVE on SUNDAY the 27th, starting at 2:30pm Central (-6 GMT), we will be starting an open forum discussion on B&W vs Greyscale vs Color comics! you can now listen to the show LIVE on Talk Shoe! Have a question or comment about this week’s topic, or next week’s topic? Get involved with the show by: Getting SKYPE and contact “fesworks”; submit an audio file or plain text e-mail message to us.