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Portland media goes nuts promoting Stumptown

The Portland, Oregon print media kind of went insane promoting this year's Stumptown Comics Fest. To wit:

  1. THE OREGONIAN created a two-page comic and an arts-section cover devoted to Stumptown. You can read the whole feature as a three-page PDF right here.
  2. Meanwhile, THE PORTLAND MERCURY ran a full-page color comic by Dylan Meconis and Bill Mudron. Meconis posts on the matter here.  Mudron provides a bigger look at the comic here.
  3. WILLAMETTE WEEK interviews Stumptown guest Brian Michael Bendis.
  4. And THE PORTLAND TRIBUNE plugs Stumptown while discussing the 24-hour "Drawpocalypse."

More media links can be found here, at the official Stumptown site.