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T Campbell Writes About Long Form Comic Writing

T Campbell has a post up about writing which has some good practical advice for crafting words as well as working with an artist.

Re: T Campbell Writes About Long Form Comic Writing

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Very good article.  Beginning writers would be well advised to read this and apply it to their work.

One note though: be careful of "10. Find the "elevator pitch" for the series. "

When Gene Roddenberry pitched the idea for "Star Trek" he said it would be like "Wagon Train" to the stars.  "Wagon Train" was a popular TV show at the time.  There is nothing wrong with using an existing product to compare your to.  The trouble comes when you don't make the work unique.  For an example of this try to find "High Noon" and "Outland" on DVD. 

"High Noon" is an original movie and a respected classic film.  It should be.  "High Noon" is not the first movie about a sheriff standing alone against outlaws.  It was probably pitched as something similar to one or more other existing movies or novels.

"Outland" is a rip-off of "High Noon".  Somebody pitched the idea of Will Caine in space and then forgot to use that as a springboard to something new and original.  It's only value is as a warning to new writers.

Lesson learned: Don't stop with the eleven second pitch.  Make sure that the pitch is just a pitch and that you have something original to make the production worth while.

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