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The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles

The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles attempts to tell a story as vast as the multi-verse itself. Centered on the conflict between Jenny and her arch-nemesis The Chaos the series will delve into previously unexplored aspects of The Shifter's past, present, and future as well as help to define what it means to truly be 'EVERYWHERE'.

Benj Christensen, creator of the Jenny Everywhere webcomic Infinity Apartment, returns with The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles!  Benj has great aspirations for this latest webcomic serial featuring The Shifter. The webcomic currently updates 2-3 times a week.

Christensen had recently appeared on an episode of The Webcomic Beacon podcast, where he had talked with other Jenny Everywhere comic makers. This included early creators such as Steven Wintle, Nelson Evergeen, and Scott D. M. Simmons. Additional information on Jenny Everywhere (aka "The Shifter") can be found at