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Bear and Kitten Film Festival


Animation contest being held at Transplant Comics.


Andy and Angie of the webcomic Bear and Kitten are holding a contest. Create a Bear and/or Kitten-inspired animgif and post it to the Transplant Comics forum by May 10th for a chance to win a signed print or something equally great. Further details and the gallery of entries can be found at this link:


Some of the entries just retell classic Bear and Kitten strips in animated format. Others create entirely new stories by piecing together bits from multiple pages. There are no rules except to simply be awesome. Use your imagination and join in the fun.


Bear and Kitten is the story of a kitten, her ambiguous relationship with a bear, and the joy of making crudely drawn penii. Transplant Comics has been entertaining hipsters and celebrating the unusual since the end of the Piscean Age.