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written storyline in need of artist

Hello, I have about a years worth of storyline written, and posted on a forum, and im looking for an artist. The story centers around three friends. During a party one night, one of them is bitten by a werewolf, which starts there lives on a path of adventure, fighting, and in some cases, death. However, its also meant to have some comedy mixed into it. There is another character, a girl who the person bitten by has a crush on that helps him cope, and learn how to use his abilitys. I have two pages up on Drunk Duck right now as i started out letting anyone who wanted to draw a page or two go ahead and do it, but that caused lots of problems for me, so i want to find a full time artist, now i realize that i probably will have a hard time finding someone to work on a free webcomic, but if youre interested take the time to read the storyline, and if you like it get in touch with me, ill gladly take any american style artist for collaberation on this project.


heres the link to the forum thread i have the storyline posted on, its there mostly because of friends wanting to read it.


If you like what you read, please tell me so, and whether you are willing to draw for me.