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kemlo @ 2008-05-15T12:36:00

Go to Shades!Shades - it's the end!
Well, to be more accurate, it's the half-way point. Today we reach a huge milestone in Shades - the last page of what will eventually be Volume 1 of a print version!

Sadly, if you've been following our news reports, you'll know that the latest instalment is also the last page we'll be posting online for a while. Harsho has unfortunately had to leave the project and so Shades will be on hiatus for a few months until the new art team can get things up and running again. On the plus side - this last page by Harsho is a real zinger!

Visit the Spires!The Spires - looking before leaping!
Meanwhile, I'm sure those of you who know your way around the BVC website have already discovered that we posted an update to our fantasy title The Spires on Monday without telling you. (Sometimes we're sneaky like that!)

We're out on the rooftops again for this latest instalment and Kolm is about to make a huge leap of faith. Quite literally!

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