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Adventurers! on Keenspot

Mark Shallow, cartoonist of ADVENTURERS!, accepted an invitation to join Keenspot on February 28th. The regular ADVENTURERS! strip will end with the current storyline, to be replaced by Mark's new strip ANTIHERO FOR HIRE. Mark will also continue the ADVENTURERS! saga as a weekly strip exclusively for Keenspot PREMIUM, Keenspot's subscription service.

Expect more new Keenspot member announcements in March.

Re: Adventurers! on Keenspot

Just a clarification, the term "storyline" is sort of different for ADVENTURERS! then it is for other comics. I usually keep the stories very short, but each story ties together into a longer story. But the overall sweeping story is going towards its conclusion, but I'm not sure when it will end (however long it takes)