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Ex-PEAR-iment: Detail Zoom

zoom zoom!Yes, the title of this entry is shameless. Anyway, since I'm procrastinating on all those papers I'm supposed to be grading, let's talk about a new thing the Pear-Pear Team is trying out with today's comic.



The mug, in trying to explain the significance of a job application rejection letter to the pear, had to put it into terms the pear could understand. This involved so many panels in the mug's speech bubble that I had to draw very small. Some of the legibility of the visual detail was therefore getting lost, so I decided that the jpeg should link to a close-up view of the mug's narrative, in case readers needed or might appreciate this.

True, it's not that big a deal. But for a site dedicated to minimalism and simplicity of design, this might be a significant innovation. Or maybe not. Any thoughts? Like it? Hate it? Should I do it more? Other suggestions?