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From the Archives

Another interesting article from the early mists of ComixTalk time (our March 2003 issue) is T Campbell's article on Webcartoonist community. Campbell considers the extent of dialogue amongst webcomic creators and compares it to subcommunities in art, movies, etc.

I've also begun preliminary work on a potential article for later this year and I'd like as much help from everyone as possible.  It's a 100 Greatest Webcomics kind of article - the idea being something like a "you've gotta read these 100" before you die (or 100 to recommend to others to read)...  Make suggestions and argue with me (and others) over a draft list here in the new forums.


Re: From the Archives

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I was gonna add a reply at the forum, but I'm don't seem to be allowed (I am logged in).

Re: From the Archives

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Sorry 'bout that!  I just went into phpBB3 and carefully checked all of the permissions - I think I have everything fixed now and that everyone should be able to post in all of the forums (it was definitely set wrong this morning though).

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