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Hey Everybody! Greetings from a cruddy internet cafe in the middle of nowhere!

It´s time for the "There are a lot of people who owe Ryan Estrada a lot of money, but he hasn´t gotten it yet, but for right now, he´s on an international adventure and just missed a flight that cost him 300 bucks and found out he owes 600 bucks in utilities for his last apartment, and broke his computer that´s gonna cost him like 1000 bucks to retrieve the data from, and doesn´t even know if he has enough money on him to last through the night¨ fundraiser time!"

YEAH! There are three ways you can donate:

  • For 5 bucks, I will draw you into an upcoming comic. Perhaps you will be in the background of an upcoming Aki Alliance, or Frank: The Comic or something, or maybe I will do a 24 hour comic with a crowd scene, or maybe some random one off, I don´t know!
  • For 20 dollars, I will do a color illustration of whatever you choose when I arrive in Korea, and send it to you digitally. Forget the dang seventy bucks it would cost to get this through the Cartoon Commune!
  • For 30 bucks, I will do a black and white illustration of your choosing, on Bristol, and mail it to you when I arrive in Korea. Why is b&w more? Because I have to mail it from dang old Korea.

I´ll be on the road, so if I don´t respond right away, or if you get my automated away message, it doesn´t mean I didn´t get it! I will contact everyone at the end of June!