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Tempus Fugit

Well, it seems another weekend has flown by without my being able to polish off my site redesign, or upload any new material here. It's really because I'm spending my creative "spare" time on a rather huge comics project that I'll post more details about a little later. So, I've necessarily been on hiatus from this site a little while--I just thought it would be a good idea to officially say so, for all the kind passers-by.

Meanwhile, Flight Volume 4 (with a story by me, the longest yet--I had to shorten it to make it fit in the book!) is complete and will be released by Random House in July. There are some truly standout pieces in this one, by Thomas Herpich, Lark Pien, Vera Brosgol, and many others. I'm also a little more proud of my story than I have been of the past 3 that I've contributed to Flight. So, I think this volume is going to be an especially impressive and inspiring step forward.

I did make time to attend "Comics Out Loud," an event at Pegasus Books in Berekely, CA last Friday. Several bay area cartoonists read from their work as it was projected panel-by-panel behind them. While some of it felt uneven, it seemed like an exciting and interesting new way to share comics (well, new to me at least). The immediacy of the artists' tone and inflection added yet another layer of intimacy to a medium that is already packed with that quality. I also got to say bye to Jen who is LEAVING!