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You're just a shoegazer

Behold the cover (by the awesome Jeffrey Brown, not me!) for You Ain't No Dancer, Volume 2 from New Reliable Press. It will be in stores on October 18, but this is the last week for comic book retailers to place their orders. So get your local store on the phone now! Just yell "Diamond Order Code: AUG063478 (Previews page 323)"; this helps somehow.

It's gonna be good. There's comics by: Blaise Larmee, Jordyn Bochon, Colleen MacIsaac , Liz Prince, Jeffrey Brown, Jeff Rowland, Meg Hunt, Hope Larson, Weatherwise, Patrick Murphy, Dalton Webb, Jason Turner, Grant Reynolds, Graham Kahler, Phil McAndrew, Mitch Clem, K Thor Jensen, Jeff Bent, Jon Sukarangsan, Jamie Dee Galey, Fred Grisolm, Dalton Sharp, and Lilli Carré. And me! (I had mine on this website, but I've taken it down because the book is coming out soon. I'll put up some preview pages later.)