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Making Comics From Home Causes Trouble For Ramon Perez

Ramon Perez is facing eviction because of a zoning law in Toronoto that says he "must be operating a business on the premises and not residing within them." 

Perez was told by his superindentant that he would not be evicted because he is a good tenant and always pays his rent, but that they were using this to evict bad tenants.

"[I] laughed and said i’m not going to take your word over a signed piece of paper. i sign that lease and i’m putting the noose around my neck and just waiting for the landlord to push!"

Perez has refused to sign a new lease and now faces eviction.  There are more details on his website.

Re: Making Comics From Home Causes Trouble For Ramon Perez

Howard Tayler's picture

Working from home is not the same as running a business from your home. Typically your landlord won't notice (nor care, if he does notice) that you create comics in your domicile, and upload them to the internet from the same location.

What WILL attract attention is running a customer-facing operation from your home. You know, like serving food, cutting hair, or running a photography studio for wedding portraits.

You can also get in trouble running a shipping and recieving center (you know, like for cool t-shirts and stuff), but that depends on how much traffic you're creating with boxes coming and going. This is less likely to be a problem than opening a studio restaurant, however. :-)

Schlock Mercenary

Re: Making Comics From Home Causes Trouble For Ramon Perez

That's bad luck...

It raises a good point though. A lot of tenancy agreements stipulate on what kinds of activities you can and cannot do in a property that directly impact upon comics types.

Technically I'm not allowed to operate any sort of a business out of my rented place, but as a self-publisher and artist, most of my work is actually carried out in my home.

Ramon has the opposite problem, and whilst I can always hide my books and my drawings when the landlord comes round, I imagine it's far harder to fake not living somewhere.