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goraina @ 2008-06-09T17:40:00

I hope a list-format rundown of the MoCCA weekend, sans-links, will suffice. I'm exhausted from the weekend and so is everyone else; but I prefer to write my thoughts down sooner than later!

--I really enjoyed having Rosemary, Zack and Steph as houseguests, although I wish I had seen more of them! It was a busy weekend and we didn't spent a lot of time at the house.


--I learned that Cori and Tyler had their baby Friday afternoon!!! What a great piece of news to begin the weekend on.

--Post-Bang's Lynda Barry event was the coolest panel discussion I've ever attended ever. Dave wasn't as familiar with her work as me, but he LOVED her panel and we both got all excited about comics again in that one evening.

--On Friday night I COULDN'T SLEEP. Not even for a few minutes. No reason I could really discern except I was excited about MoCCA; but heading into the show I was already pretty worn out. Apologies if I was less of myself as a result.


--I pulled through, though. Adrenaline and caffeinated tea and seeing friends is a good pick-me-up.

--While we weren't selling them at our table, the Star Wars book was a huge hit and Shelli was sold out of all 50 she'd made by 3 PM!

--I bought a LOT of books this weekend! Sometimes I'm really bad about this, but mostly 'cause I'm stuck to my table and don't get to see the rest of the con much. This year I made a point to get lots of new books by friends and idols, although I missed a lot of other good stuff too.

--Uh, it was hot. You already know this.

--Stole away for a quiet dinner with Dave, but ended up running into Alisa and Allan at the restaurant. We had fun talking about exhibiting--it was their first time behind the table at MoCCA!

--Lulu Awards. The crowd was enthusiastic and the food was tasty and I was still awake. But right before the ceremony started, my body decided enough was enough and I got somewhat ill, which is not unusual for me, but it was bad timing. Missed the whole ceremony save for the last award. By the time we got home I was completely better, and we had a fun time talking with our houseguests about Disney mountains! Then I fell into bed and slept foreverrrrrr.


--Breakfast with Hope and Lucy. A nice, relaxed hour of chatting was just the thing to start my day off right, and I got to the show early and in a great mood!

--Got to walk the floor a bit before the show, getting some more books and talking with friends. The quality of work on the tables is just outstanding these days and everyone keeps topping themselves.

--Sort of a slow day, probably attributed to the crazy heat of the weekend.

--Had Lynda Barry sign one of my old, dog-eared collections of her comics. She is such a treasure, I swear I just want to hang out with her forever. I gave her some of my minis and told her how much her work meant to me. That was when the fire alarm started going off.

--It's something different every year at MoCCA. 2008 will forever be the year the FDNY evacuated the Puck building during a 100-degree heatwave. Was it the boiler? Did a pile of mini-comics on the 7th floor go up in flames? Did Jason Shiga stage a coup? Who knows.

--The show was pretty quiet after all the shenanigans and we were all pretty faded. Everyone was pretty happy to pack it in, I think.

--Sunday dinner at Spring Street, as per tradition, with Rosemary M., Naseem, Kean, Marion, John, Dave, Rosemary T., Craig, Gina, Andy, Mike, Jeff, and Josh. GOOD times and delicious food and that pleasant feeling I always have after MoCCA. Usually our group is three times that size, but it was nice to relax with a small-ish group of friends.

--Home to Queens, where Dave and I promptly turned on the A/C and made a berry smoothie and caught up on cable news from the weekend. Then we slept like the dead.


--Hey, that's today! The heatwave continues in earnest. I have not left my house and that is just fine with me.

--The Canadians plus John and Marion came over for a bagel brunch, and we all sat around half-dead and melted eating delicious starch.

My head feels like it's in a cloud and I'm definitely not caught up on sleep yet. Tomorrow it's back to real life, and I have a lot of exciting work to do! Stay cool, everybody! Yay for MoCCA!