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The Sequential Artists' Pub - June 13th - Bring your Favorite Beverage!

If you’re a webcartoonist, cartoonist, or just someone who likes to talk comics, you’re invited to participate in our TalkShoe show this Friday (June 13th) at 10PM EST. Our inaugural show featured Jerzy Drozd (Sugary Serials), Mark Rudolph (The Art and Story podcast), Eliza Frye (The Lady's Murder), Brian Anderson (Dog Eat Doug), and a calvacade of cartoonists in the chat room.

Bring your favorite beverage and engage in conversation with cartoonists from all walks. This is THE virtual post-convention hangout spot on the ‘net for cartoonists who want to hang out and "talk shop" with other creators.

Show frequencies are once every two weeks, on Fridays at 10PM EST.

I’ve added the TSAP icon on the sidebar from the PC Weenies website, which will take you directly to our show. Or you can click on the icon above. Take a listen to our first episode and drop us some feedback.

See you on Friday!