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Four New 'Serenity Tales'

"Serenity Tales" returns with four new installments -- and links to a couple of additional "Firefly"/"Serenity" webcomics. There's also another update to the ever-growing list of webcomics mentioning  "Firefly" and  "Serenity."

The new comics:

  1. "Browncoat" -- This ten-page Serenity Tale tells the secret history of an iconic "Firefly" garment -- as it winds its way through multiple owners onto the back of a familiar character.
  2. "Take My Love" -- In this four-pager, the Big Damn Heroes each face a big damn stick in what can only be described as the "Duck Amuck" of Serenity Tales.
  3. "Serenity Park #4: Yu Bun Duh" -- Mal and Zoe contemplate resurrection as the "Serenity Park" saga continues.
  4. "Notes on a Fridge [on a spaceship], Vol. 3" -- Arwen Bijker's remarkable fan-fiction experiment continues: Serenity's crew makes suggestions for a Chinese New Year gift exchange -- via a series of handwritten notes stuck on the ship's fridge.

And here are links to a couple of cool 'Verse webcomics created outside Serenity Tales:

  • "Mosquito: The Webcomic" -- An ongoing webcomic based on the "Mosquito" fan-film spoofing "Firefly." (The archives are here.)
  • "Firefly Adventures" -- Richard Lester describes his wildly ambitious effort as "a comic adaptation of Virtual Firefly's season 2." He's at 23 installments and counting. (The archives are here.)