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ETI-PI, a new comic from the creator of Zortic

After over 8 years of webcomics, I've decided to put everything I've learned into a fresh new project.  Now's your chance to get in on it while it's still new; ETI-PI 

ETI-PI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence-Private Investigators) is a strip that should hold special appeal for webcartoonists.  It's about two men who quit their jobs and devote their lives to the study of UFOs.  Not only do they need to find ways to monetize their pursuit, but they also have to justify their career choice to friends and family members (sound familiar?).

ETI-PI has been updating weekly.  For the next couple of weeks it will be updating twice a week and in July it will start updating 3 days per week.  Join the fun and see where it goes from here.