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Almost September is coming along nicely. So far I've gotten a positive feed back for it, despite it being pretty new.
I've been really busy with work and home life so the other projects have kinda slid.
Nothing new to report for Forever.
The other spinoff, Something September is also coming along alright, but I'm wary of getting into certain stories to avoid spoilers in the other stories.
Business and Pleasure is there nagging at the back of my mind. I need to work on it.
At the end of the month I'll be investing in a domain to house all the stories in a central site. I won't be taking down the Drunk Duck or the Webcomics Nation mirrors though.

Other News--------------------------------------------
Go see the new 'Hulk' movie. It totally rocks. So did Ironman. But...
With Marvel's new film direction of streamlining production, and tailoring the movies to fit the way that they do, I can already forsee the inevitable decline in quality. This is pretty much based on my pesimism and the 'Punisher' trailer.
Mostly based on the new punisher trailer.

Also. I'm posting a few new pieces of art and comic pages to the myspace and my deviant art.