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Minterview – Journey to Mount Moriah

With the current re-birth of Transplant comics, I thought it was about time that we got to know some of the creators behind the comics a bit better. So, I sent out a brief questionnaire to all of the members.

The purpose of this was mostly related to site admin and the questionnaire I sent out was more concerned with finding out exactly what everyone does, for marketing purposes etc.  However, they turned up some pretty interesting trivia, so, with minimal re-formatting, I'm presenting them as a collection of mini interviews... or minterviews.

We're starting today with Scott from the ever fantastic, Journey to Mount Moriah.



Name: Scott

Age: 30's

Rough Geographical Location: Baltimore

Comic name: Journey to Mt. Moriah

Synopsis of comic: JOURNEY TO MT. MORIAH is my experimental web-based comic that updates Sundays. Originally developed as a means to explore and express a myriad of artistic ambitions, Journey to Mt. Moriah has grown into a successful web-comic which attracts thousands of viewers every week.

Mt Moriah


How long have you been making your comic, and why?

Over two years… Because I've always wanted to.

To what extent is your work autobiographical... I mean are there any situations or characters that you've borrowed from your life?

Not generally.

Do you have anything your fans can buy, any merchandise available... print copies, t-shirts that sort of thing?

Currently they can buy the original work.

Do you go to the conventions, and if so which? Also, if you do, tell us some more about your experiences.

I attend the Small Press Expo regularly, but only as a customer. I've never been on the other side of the table.

Have you been interviewed for anything?


Or appeared in print anywhere?

The now defunct Zoinks Magazine.

Other than the comicking, what else do you do... do you have any other creative outlets, hobbies or work?

Mowing my lawn.

Tell me a little about your method and technique, what you use and how you use it?

I use a little bit of everything. But I guess I best known for my watercolors.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas?

It varies week to week. At lot of times the backbone of an idea comes from the most unusual places.

Tell me about some things you like.

Saturdays and Sundays

Tell me about some things that you really don't like...

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

If you weren't making comics, what would you be doing?

Watching TV.

Can you tell us any secrets, previews or insider info?

Not really. I have a lot of ideas, but not all the time in the world to accomplish them.

Thank you

You're welcome.