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Webcomic Beacon #28 - Drawing Female Characters

Tanya and Aaron are on their own for the topic this week. They discuss drawing female characters! Certainly a challenge as it is not as simple as drawing bumps on a couple of straight lines. Really… It’s not.

Due to a crazy weekend, Mark Savary and Brett Hainley don’t have contributions ready for this show, but we do have the Strip Weekly Ringside Update!

Milestones reported this week: School Spirit hits 4 years!

Episode 28 - Drawing Female Characters


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Next week: We’ll probably talking about webcomics in general with some news on the revamped Brainstorm and Impressions segments! We also hope to get one of two guests on the show with us to talk about their project! Stay tuned to the site for coming details. When we find out when, we will be broadcasting LIVE on Talk Shoe! Get involved with the show online, or leave a message at the new call-in number at 1+320-310-0922!

Sites mentioned this week: The Structure of Man, TWCL Forum Discussion on the Female Form, (and I probably missed a bunch. Please add your female-drawing related links to the comments!)