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Webcomic Beacon #29 - WAGON Webcomic Battle TCG

Episode 29 - WAGON Webcomic Battle TCG:  Mike of WAGON Webcomic Battle joins Fes, Tanya and Aaron and we talk about a new Trading Card Game based on webcomics! Mark Savary reviews One Small Step, plus we have the Strip Weekly Ringside Update!

Later in the show we also discuss a reinvention of the Brainstorms, where we will help existing webcomickers with their comics. Plus we bring back the webcomic Impressions in a whole new way! The Webcomic Searchlight! We start this thing of this week with Imy the Comic, Blip, and One Small Step!

Milestones reported this week: 8-Bit Theater hits 1000 strips, The 10 Doctors hist 100 strips, Hookie Dookie Panic hist 3 years and also finishes, Out There hits 2 years, and Metrophor has turns 2!

Next week: We’ll be having Josh Lesnick joining us to talk about Adult Webcomics! We’ll be broadcasting on Sunday 22nd, at 2pm Central USA. Stay tuned to the site for coming details. When we find out when, we will be broadcasting LIVE on Talk Shoe! Get involved with the show online, or leave a message at the new call-in number at 1+320-310-0922!

Sites mentioned this week: Point Guardian, Mind Mistress, Also keep an eye on The Shifter Archive for a special Jenny Everywhere contest to win a place on one of 3 new cards for the WAGON Webcomic Battle and decks!

Here is a sample card, photoshopped for fun: