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The road to god knows... contest!

Well, we haven't quite "gone fishin'" yet and since today marks the launch of a wee little contest for the road to god knows... on GirlAMatic, I thought I'd cross post the details here, too.

This is a lottery-type contest and is open to pretty much everyone (well, save any friends and family that will know the answer. If you know the answer right off the bat then you're disqualified! And I'll know who you are! :) ). Aside from that, it's open to pretty much everyone. With that out of the way, here is the question:

What is Marie's middle name?

Ok, right. It's tricky. There aren't any clues in the actual narrative to her middle name (well, nothing overt at any rate) and without giving you any direction it's a complete guessing game. Not really fair, I think. So, here's the only clue I'm going to give. Ready?

Her middle-name starts with the letter J and is just one word (no hyphens).

Since I don't want to be deluged by every guess under the sun, here is how this will work. Each individual (um, that's you) can email me once per day with a guess - just one guess from just one person. I'm not going to answer every single email, so when someone stumbles across the right name then I'll post an update on GirlAMatic, on our blog, and change the automatic response on the contest email address (more on that in a sec) so that everyone will know that the contest is closed. The first person to guess right is the winner. In the event of multiple correct guesses on the same day, I'll use the time/date stamp on my email to determine the winner.

Now, since I know privacy can be issue in this online world there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, I'm not going to sell or otherwise release your email address to the world at large or some scurvy company (hell, I wouldn't even know where to start!). But I would like to keep your email address just so I can let you know about my future projects down the road (for instance, my next story is tentatively called Stargazer and I'd certainly like to let you know about launch dates and whatnot when the time comes). On top of it, I would like to be able to announce the winner to the world at large, but you certainly don't have to use your real name. So if you have a handle you like to use and don't mind sharing (even if you just made it up), I'll use that instead. And if you have a website, blog or other slice of the internet, I would like to post that, too. Though only if you're ok with that, of course. Lastly, I'll need a mailing address from you for the contest prize (and again, I'll keep that private).

So what's the contest prize for all this? Well, it's a framed print of the GirlAMatic 5th birthday card design I came up with a few months back. It measures approximately 11" by 17" and I'll be mailing that out once I have a winner. The card design is below, but note that it won't have the GaM logo - that was digital add on and I don't have the right to use it for my own purposes. But the final image (I'm holding it in the next pic) still looks pretty nifty if I do say so myself.

GirlAMatic 5th Anniversary Birthday Card Design in Colour!

I've set up a dedicated email address that you can use for your submissions. And again, please remember that you each have one guess per day - one guess, per person, per day. That way I can keep it manageable. The email address is and is active right now (If you click this link, the address should open automatically for you). Please put "RTGK Contest" in the subject line and then your guess and your name in the body. You will get an automatic reply from that address just to confirm your submission (so check your spam filters). You should only receive this once, though, so on subsequent emails don't fret if you don't receive it. If you don't receive the reply at all than I most likely will not have received your submission; in that case, leave a comment here to let me know. I will also get in touch with the winner for their mailing address and the like, too.

That's it, that's all. I have to admit I'm very curious to see what you folks come up with. I suspect a few will be better than what I chose, but so be it! I'm also not sure how long this will take (it'll depend on how quickly the submissions roll in, I suppose) so I may give further clues if the correct answer isn't hit on quickly. We'll see!

Good luck!