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What's Going On With Wowio?

FLEEN spots that the WOWIO site is now one page titled "WOWIO is Going Global".  This is odd and probably ominous, not only because as FLEEN noted that language such as “retooling content agreements” might be PR-speak for “drop the payment rate through the floor” but because you've got a site down for at least two weeks.  I suspect that WOWIO in its previous format made no profits -- because if it was making a profit there'd be no reason at all to pull it down.  When you do a new site you don't have to take the old one down -- you have this thing called a development server where you can get the new one shiny and ready to go and for the most part there's no reason for any downtime at all.

UPDATE: Brigid Alverson rounds up more about the WOWIO situation, including some idea of how much money WOWIO has paid out to creators so far.  Heidi MacDonald notes that, she had heard rumors that the company was slow on its payments to creators and that the company has been sold.  No sources cited on either rumor though.



Re: What's Going On With Wowio?

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Hmmmm.  I was scheduled to download a bunch of Crossgen stuff about a month ago when it got pulled by the Crossgen publishers.  Or at least that was the explanation Wowio gave me.

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