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Nothing Better goes on Summer Vacation!

Friday June 27th will see the last page of Nothing Better Volume 2 update online.  Beginning Tuesday July 1st (and updating every Tuesday/Friday) a slate of guest comics will start up to carry us through the summer.  Guest comickers were asked to tell their own college or college-inspired stories and I've got lots of good stuff from many talented friends and peers to share.

Over the course of the summer I'll be busy writing Volume 3 of Nothing Better, doing some freelance work and enjoying being a new father.  I'll also have some random comics and art of my own to share.  Hopefully we'll manage to entertain you.

Nothing Better Volume 3 will begin updating online on Tuesday September 2nd!

stick around - we've got a great show!


(and for those wondering, the plan is to have the print version of Nothing Better Volume 2 out early next summer, so be patient!)