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it's a music update of sorts.

Thanks to you al for all the good responses on the the Scout mural, it really was a great and fun job for us.

Some of you may remember [info]redeyedjohnny, the repository for music collaborations by [info]fabricari, [info]rteacher and I. Well, it's warming back up over there, with some collaboration that Steve started the ball rolling on, so I urge you all to check it out! Also Grant went and made a real-type website for the stuff we've done so far. He's been posting our previous collabs, and is gonna post more soon. Grant got it up on comixtalk and Steve went and got our new song posted on Patrick Costello's site, to boot. What have I been doing? Well, nothing as usual. It pays to have motivated friends!

I figure I also oughta hip you to Grant's new record. He's got it available for Free Download today, and it includes some very spiffy versions of our Red Eyed Johnny stuff. Get it and dig it!