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My Life in Records Milestone- 50 Pages Penciled

I've had a chance to get caught up a little bit with My Life in Records, and I'm proud to say that I've just finished penciling my 50th page! Its not necessarily the first 50 pages in sequence. In fact one page I drew is the opening page from Chapter 4, but I was so excited about it when I thumb nailed it, that I had to draw the real thing. (For those of you who follow the comic, you know that we're only in Chapter 2 and at the rate I'm finishing pages, it may be years before we get to see that page!)

I have pretty detailed thumb nail drawings of 181 pages and the first 60 pages of thumbnails are pretty much sequential, but after that, I just made sequences of the parts of the story I felt like doing. I know the general scope of the story and I'm guessing it it will take 450 pages to tell- maybe more.

So. . . . only 400 pages to go . . . and it took me a year to do the first 50. I guess that means we'll begin editing this thing in 2016.