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William Bazillion Chapter Five: The Conclusion

Here's the conclusion to Chapter Five of The Race for Santa's Nazi Gold:

And for those of you keeping score, here's the current status of the main characters:

William Bazillion, Fatty, Darryl, Weiner, William Sicilian, The Italian Battalion, Max O'Millions, Santa Claus: Missing, presumed dead

Dale Warlock: Back in the U.S., running Bazillion, Inc. during William's absence

Rocket-Nixon, Nixon-Prime: En route to the North Pole, and running for President of the United States of America

Gunther Klaus: Safely nestled in his North Pole headquarters, along with Santa's Nazi Gold

Hundreds of B-List 1970s celebrity clones: Status unknown

Andrew Farago: Sleep-deprived, overworked and underpaid; current whereabouts unknown

Thanks for reading!