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Women bishops?! Good Lord!

I try not to voice my personal opinions too loudly on the net, particularly on issues in respect of which too many other people's views are so firmly entrenched that a rational exchange of ideas just isn't possible. Religion is a big one. Feminism is another. And now the General Synod of the Church of England has voted to press ahead with plans for the ordination of women bishops, hitting both nails squarely on the head with - to extend the metaphor - a single hammer.

So - to break my customary silence on such matters: Yay, them!

I have to be honest, I'm an atheist by inclination, so this issue has absolutely no bearing on me personally but it just seems like such a triumph of common sense over dogma that I can't help but applaud it. I'm particularly pleased that all the suggestions to water down the proposal with compromises designed to make women "second class" bishops have been rejected. Many apparently feel this is an affront to their religious beliefs. I have to say, I don't understand that attitude - speaking as an outsider, it doesn't seem very Christian!

The only downside I can see is that, in the UK at least, this move opens the door to a new Dawn French sitcom - the Bishop of Dibley. God help us all!